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The Haddonfield Friends of the Library, through memberships, donations, and our annual book sale, provides special gifts that contribute to the excellence of library services. These gifts are a supplement to, not a substitute for, the library’s regular operating budget. Some of the many gifts given by the Friends include books and other library materials, furnishings, audio-visual supplies, and equipment. The Friends routinely provide for the Summer Reading Program, guest speakers, and the Museum Pass program.

The Friends of the Library is a non-profit, charitable group formed to support the Haddonfield Public Library and the community of Haddonfield to enhance and promote literacy and a love of learning. We are an all-volunteer organization that donates time to help carry out the Mission of the library and Friends of the Library.


Haddonfield Friends of the Library is a group of passionate, like-minded volunteers who donate their time, energy, and talent to sustain a vibrant and diverse free public library in our town.

Our mission is to enhance our library by raising funds through membership dues and fundraising for critical programs and services for all ages, underwrite educational and cultural events and advocate for a state-of-the-art, collaborative, life-long learning environment.


We work to maximize access to literacy initiatives for all members of the Haddonfield community by sponsoring programming hosted by the Haddonfield Public Library. HFOL’s fundraising activities underwrite many of the library’s most treasured programming, including special educational and literacy programs for children, teens, and adults, tickets to local museums, and other educational and cultural events. HFOL strives to provide all members of the community with myriad opportunities to broaden their literacy horizons.

While the Friends of the Library come from a diverse cross-section of Haddonfield, we share a common belief that the Haddonfield Public Library is a vital part of our community. We want to support the library so that it can continue to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Katharine Koob


Audrey Adams


Sharon Kaminski

Chair, Book Sale Committee

Sean Hvisdas


Tori Manis


Amy Abella 

Brian Smith 

Elizabeth Anderson 
Elizabeth Miller

Mike Gotwols 
William Hinrichsen 
Michala Costello 
Kerrith Miller 
Katie Viscount
Megan Millenky 
Katrina Brandt

Laura Jaslow 

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